(Nelson didn’t do it.)

The Mandela Effect is said to be a false memory which contradicts current reality.

But in many cases this effect is not false – it’s true, and provable.

If you’re not familiar with the Mandela Effect, the videos under the top one will fill you in. If you don’t know about the Mandela Effect watch some of the bottom videos first, then scroll back and watch the top one for the explanation.

The top video explains most of the Mandela effects in my opinion, although I don’t agree that all Mandela Effect changes people claim as changes, are in fact, changes.

For example, with the Bible I think many people are getting mixed up with different translations and versions. Most people don’t know their Bibles as well as they think they do, and think that things in it are changes, when they’re not. However, when I was young I did learn “forgive us our trespasses” rather than “debtors” which all translations now say…

Here is what I believe is a correct Mandela Effect explanation, posted here from Evin Powers YouTube channel:

Here is proof of some of the effects…

Kit-Kat used to advertise “Have a break – Have a Kit-Kat”. Now, with the removal of the dash, KitKat no longer gives us a break!

Mandela Effect changes I personally believe are not merely due to poor memory, but are in fact actual changes for me are:

Kit-Kat HAS changed for SURE. It never used to be KitKat. The image below seems far more familiar to me.

kit-kat dash

The Ford logo did not have a twirl in the F.

VW and Volvo have also changed.

Fruit Loops has changed to Froot Loops.

Laurel & Hardy was “here’s another fine mess you’ve got us into” not “nice mess” as the films now say.

Where is earth is located in the galaxy? Whatever the truth is, our claimed location is now totally different!

The Thinker statue has also changed. Hard evidence:

The Monopoly man no longer has a monacle.

The sun used to be yellow. Now it’s white. Didn’t you notice?

The terrorist van in “Back to the Future” is now a blue VW van instead of a different white van, AND the VW logo changes right in the middle of the sequence:

The Capricorn astrology sign now has a fish tail. It never did until recently.

And many, many more inexplicable changes…

Moonraker – remember Dolly? – She no longer has braces!

Frame by frame analysis shows anomalies in the Moonraker Mandela effect sequence. There IS residual evidence of braces! Follow this link for details:

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